While Tech Giants Like Yahoo And Google Have Cyber Security Breaches, How Do You Keep Your Kids Safe Online?

It is an undeniable fact that the internet has invaded every inch of our life. It is also an equally undeniable and shocking fact that cybercrimes have seen an exponential increase in the recent years.

Businesses and governments are known to have the best of online security in place. But the hackers are evolving to be much smarter by the day. About 250,000 US government documents were released by the whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks in 2010. Dubbed popularly as ‘cablegate’, it stands testimony to the fact that not even governments are safe from cyberattacks. Even technology-based companies like Yahoo and Google have had security breaches.

So it is quite obvious that everyone is equally vulnerable to these cyberattacks. So as a parent, how can you ensure that your kids are safe online?


It is not important to just keep your data safe on your computer. An antivirus software will protect your kids from unwanted websites that contain malicious software. Usually these are sites with unwanted content like porn and other harmful content.


Kids and technology have become inseparable in today’s world as we become more and more dependent on gadgets and the internet. So the best way to protect them is to educate them about the various cybercrimes.

  • Don’t let them use your HB Swiss profile.
  • Teach them about game downloads, e-mail attachments and links that could contain viruses.
  • Advise your kids to keep all their passwords safe and to never share it even with their close friends.
  • They should also remember to always log out of email accounts and social networks once they have finished using them. This will prevent a younger kids from gaining access to them.
  • Teach kids to never share their phone number, address, e-mail ID or other personal information online without your permission


Don’t just stop with educating your kids about online safety. As they can be too young to understand the impact of cybercrimes, it is best to supervise their online activity. Very young children should be allowed to use social media only in your presence. Watch out for Cyber bullying which is becoming more common these days. If cyberbullying is detected you should intervene and resolve the problem.

In case of older kids it is wise to follow them on social media instead of asking them to stay away from it completely. Again it is important to stress to them the importance of not sharing too much information. Even small details like where they checked in could land them in trouble.

Set rules

The best way to reduce the risk on cybercrimes is simply by reducing the amount of time your kids spend online. Allow only a few hours of screen time a day. It is also important to discuss what sites they are allowed to access. Game sites might look harmless but can be potential places where suspicious activity might go unnoticed. To keep it simple block sites that are not appropriate for your kids and keep a list of sites that they can access. Enable restrictions on search engines like google to filter inappropriate content in search results.