How Do Companies Protect Their Data Online?

Every business has an online presence today. And as much as their presence spresds online, the risk factors are on the rise too. Be it the Finance sector that is supposed to have one of the most trusted and secured server or the social media where everyone shares personal details with the world, no one is safe from hackers.

With the recent cablegate leaks to the breach in the security of CIA’s data, Wikileaks has brought about a renewed interest in online security for businesses and individuals alike.

Protect Your Business Online

When you are having a business with an online presence that involves storing and collecting data online, there are a number of chances for a security breach. One cannot afford to let their customer’s data to get into to the wrong hands.

Having a highly sophisticated security system and a specialized team to ensure the data is safe, is a wise choice. However, when a high level security breach like the Wikileaks or a zero day vulnerability happens, one can never gauge the extent of damage that can happen.

Here are eight simple rules to ensure your business’ data is secured at all times:

Security Audit

One can never know when a hack can happen. Hence it is important to conduct a security audit from time to time. This audit must cover th entire IT system and the mobile phone network as well.

Conscious Staff

Majority of the leaks happen due to an insider. Sometimes the information leak can be direct and other times it could be due to the negligence of the staff. Ensure your staff are well educated and avoid human errors as much as possible. In case of a doubt regarding the security breach, the staff must inform the concerned authorities immediately, so as to reduce the extent of damages caused.


Use more than a single easy to guess password. Also never write these down as you never know when they will fall into the wrong hands.


Encrypt all your data sources like hard disks, USB drives, etc, where you store confidential and HB Swiss trading data. This way, were they to land in wrong hands, the data cannot be accessed.


Have a scheduled backup for all the data, to ensure you don’t lose anything incase of a malware or an attack that affects the stored data


When you have a number of employees working in the company, having a policy that states all the rules and regulations related to security comes in very handy. It ensures all the new employees are also well educated about the practices in your company.

Mobile Network

Today, with the technological advance, it is easy to share information via mobile phones. Hence ensure your employees can’t share data or transfer them to their phones

Security Solution

Despite implementing the above solutions, it is always advisable to have a solution ready in case of a security breach. Despite all measures a hack attack or a security breach is unavoidable. Hence one should be prepared with a solution or a plan as to what should be done in case of an attack. This will enable your company to get back on track sooner and reduce damages.