Impact Of Wikileaks On American Economy

Every action, no matter good or bad always creates an impact. This applies also to when WikiLeaks released the diplomatic cables of the American Government famously known as cablegate. So this cablegate shook up many things to their core – the online trading is one of them, as the HB Swiss software is now available. The power of transparency in all transactions rose ever since the birth of WikiLeaks.

What is WikiLeaks all about?

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization that typically reveals top level secrets and information. It is an international organization that has informants based almost all over the world. They find their way into secret information, especially the ones that could potentially create uproar within the general public. Such information is then published for everyone to see.

WikiLeaks is almost entirely funded by the publisher and general public. Being an organization that is not for profit, its funds mainly come from donations made online.

What is the WikiLeak’s famous Cablegate?

Around 2010, WikiLeaks has revealed about cablegates. These are US diplomatic cables that were brought out in the open. These cables revealed many scandals and war documents like the Reykjavik 13. Soon there was a video of the Baghdad airstrike Collateral Murder video and a series of other scandals. Soon cablegates released a series of documents that went back from 1966-2010.

These diplomatic cables contained many top level information, comments and views of the many countries that have US embassies. It contained great quantities of relevant information about political dealings, and discussions towards dealing with the mounting tension with the Middle East countries.

Cablegates caused tremendous reaction almost everywhere in the world. It inevitable made a substantial impact on the American Economy.

What impact did WikiLeaks and cablegates have on the American Economy?

The release of the US diplomatic cables had a great impact of the entire United States. While it helped unearth many corrupt actions within the government and brought them out in the open. Cablegates made the US vulnerable to terror attacks by all the countries that were mentioned in the diplomatic cables.

This created a great breach in security and exposed the entire nation to terror groups and nations who did not take this information well. Taking individual names was also a great folly, as it practically became a wanted hit list for terror groups from other nations.

WikiLeaks also took journalism in the United States to a completely new level. Another impact it had on American Politics, is that it leaves the politician with no other option other than observe ‘political transparency and honesty’.

However, another side to it is exposing too much information out in public tends to cause misuse of information, and can also cause misinterpretation of important information regarding sensitive topics.

Media has always had a love-hate relation with the Government, but after cablegates journalism has reached a new high. Now nothing less than information like WikiLeaks seems to impress the general audience.

WikiLeaks played an important role in making the American government more honest and transparent. What is also vital is to protect what is important and safeguard the country, and its people from miscreants from anywhere else in the world.