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Cablegate's cables: Full-text search everything from Embassy Brasilia
“All of them, those in power, and those who want the power, would pamper us, if we agreed to overlook their crookedness by wilfully restricting our activities.” — “Refus Global“, Paul-Émile Borduas

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2010, Feb 27Brazil: March HrcEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 26Brazilian National Water Agency Seeks To Deepen Cooperation On Environmental IssuesEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 26Brazil Informed Of Designation Related To Iranian Revolutionary Guard CorpsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 22Proceeds Of Sale - ProgramEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 22Response To Action Request Regarding Raw Sugar Tariff Rate QuotaEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 19Brazil: Ambassador's Meetings With Senior Presidential AdvisorsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 19Brazil: Ambassador's Meetings With Mre Under Secretaries For Political AffairsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 19Scenesetter For The February 23-26 Visit Of Attorney General Eric Holder To BrazilEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 19Brazil: S/gwi Project ProposalsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 18Brazil: Ambassador Discusses Security, Cn, And Upcoming Games With Gsi Minister FelixEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 18Brazil: Update On Efforts And Future Plans In HaitiEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 18Ambassador Shannon's Meeting With Mod JobimEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 18Brazil: Competition Policy OverviewEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 13Brazil's Presidential Elections: Dilma Rousseff Comes Up Fast Behind Jose SerraEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 12Brazil: Demarche On Distracted Driving DeliveredEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 11Brazil: Response To Blue Lantern Level 3: Post-license/pre-shipment End-use Check On License 050196988Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 11Request For Human Rights Vetting For 5th Annual Sovereign Challenge Conference, March 8-11, 2010, Key West, FlEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 11Request For Human Rights Vetting For The Special Operations In Combating Terrorism Course, From April 5-9, 2010, Hurlburt Field, FlEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 10Brazil: Forest Code Provokes Heated Debate Between Environmentalists And FarmersEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 9Inl Flash Report January 2010 - Nas BrazilEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 9Brazil: Incorporating Climate Change Policy Into Domestic LegislationEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 9Brazil: Ambassador's Meeting With Mre Secretary-general PatriotaEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 9Brazil: Ambassador Presents Credentials To President LulaEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Brazilian Preliminary Response To Cites Cop-15 Demarche - Need To Complete Inter-ministerial ConsultationsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Fy 2010 Nas Brazil Program Development And Support (pd&s) Budget PlanEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Request For Human Rights Vetting For U.s. Sponsored Training, June 28, 2010-february 23, 2012, Pensacola, FlEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Request For Human Rights Vetting For Uh-60 Simulator Training Course, From March 13-20, 2010, Fort Indiantown Gap, PaEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Request For Human Rights Vetting For Us Sponsored Training, Joint Combined Exchange Training (jcet), From April 15-may 30, 2010Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Request For Human Rights Vetting For Us Sponsored Strategy And Defense Policy Course (sdp), From March 4-24, 2010, Washington, DcEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Request For Human Rights Vetting For Us Sponsored Training, Sovereign Challenge At Special Operations Program, From March 15-19, 2010, Tampa, FlEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 5Request For Human Rights Vetting For Us Sponsored Training, Phd Research Program, March 22, 2010 - March 18, 2011, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CaEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 52009 End-use Monitoring Report: BrazilEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 3Per Copenhagen Accord, Brazil Informs The Unfccc Of Its Nationally Appropriate Mitigation ActionsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 2Brazil: Ministery Of Transportation Presents Draft Proposed Roadway Cooperation AgreementEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 2Brazil: Negotiations Bring Tropical Forest Conservation Act Agreement Close To ConclusionEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 2Brazil: One Northeast State Tries To Catch The SouthEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 1Brazil: Response To Developing A Community Of Energy OfficersEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 29Mobilizing Pressure To Persuade Iran's Engagement On Its Nuclear ProgramEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 29Preparing For The Nuclear Security SummitEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 28Brazil: Demarche Response On Iran Universal Periodic Review SessionEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 28Preparing For The Nuclear Security Summit: Differences Between The Summit And The Nonprolifertion Treaty RevconEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 27Controversy Over New Human Rights Program Subsides, For NowEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 26Fy-09 Re-allot Excess 4th July Gift Funds To PostEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 22Senior Brazil Officials Praise Cooperation, Seek Closer Coordination In HaitiEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 22More Than Us$ 5 Million Has Been Provided For Earthquake Relief By Members Of Mission Brazil's Corporate Social Responsibility Group, Mais Unidos.Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 22Head Of Brazil's Haiti Relief Efforts Reports Good Coordination With UsgEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 21Climate Change Next Steps: Brazil Will Inscribe Its Mitigation Actions By January 31Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 21Brazil: Let's Establish A Tropical Forest Conservation Act Program SoonestEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 20Brazil: Dhs Deputy Secretary Lute's Visit To Brazil January 13-14, 2010.Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 15Tfha01: Brazil Active, Eager To Partner With Usg On Haiti ReliefEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 14Mission Brazil And Embassy Maputo Propose Trilateral Biotechnology OutreachEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 12Brazilian Government Agrees To Two Year Renewal Of Framework Agreement On Cooperation On Peaceful Uses Of Outer SpaceEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 11Brazil Has Not Addressed Amcit Cases With IranEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 11Brazil: Foreign Ministry Eager To Launch Next Phase Of Us-brazil RelationshipEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 8Brazil: Foreign Policy As An Emerging Campaign IssueEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 8Security For Opennet Tail Circuit In Amb Residence BrasiliaEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 6Brazil: Scenesetter - Dhs Deputy Secretary Lute Visit January 12-13Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 5Fx2 At The End Of 2009Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Jan 5Cda Gathers Influential Women To Partner On The Elimination Of Violence Against WomenEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 31Brazil: 2009 Country Report On TerrorismEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 29Wha A/s Valenzuela Received By Eager Brazilian GovernmentEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 24Brazil: Response To Title Iii RequestEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 242016 Rio Olympics - The Future Is NowEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 23Brazil Is Proud Of Its Ambitious Approach To Copenhagen Cop15 Despite Disappointing ResultsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 22Strategy For Engaging Brazil On Defamation Of ReligionsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 21Brazil: Austr Visit To Recife Highlights Pursuit Of InnovationEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 21Brazil: Ustr/mre Bcm Positive And ProductiveEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 18Brazil: Aecio Neves Withdraws From Presidential RaceEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 18Brazil: Dem, Corruption, And The Decline Of The RightEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 18Subsidiary Bodies At The 2010 Npt Review ConferenceEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 18Fy 2010 Initial Icass Invoices - Icass Telegraphic Summary Of Invoices: BrazilEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 16Brazil Approves Venezuela's Entry Into MercosulEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 16U.s.-brazil Project On Racial Profiling By The Police -- Visit Of U.s. Technical ExpertsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 15Trafficking In Persons And Child Sex Exploitation In The State Of GoiasEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 15Brazil: Edbi Demarche DeliveredEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 15Brazil: Amazon Fund And Other Funds To Protect The Environment - Making Real ProgressEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 10Brazil: Scenesetter For The December 13-14 Visit Of Wha Assistant Secretary Arturo ValenzuelaEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 9Brazil: Center-left Presidential Candidates Compete For Small Party SupportEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 8Usaid/brazil And Brazil's Agency For Cooperation Visit Haiti To Advance Trilateral CooperationEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 8Brazil: New Leadership Gives Green Light To Creating A Tropical Forest Conservation Act ProgramEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 7Brazil: December Vote On "defamation Of Religions"Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 7Brazil: Stas Dr. Nina Fedoroff Promotes Science And Technology Cooperation, Particularly With BiotechnologyEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 4Brazil: Scenesetter - Economic Partnership Dialogue December 14Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 4Brazil Announces Lowest Rate Of Deforestation Of Amazon Forest Ever RecordedEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 4Symposium On Biosecurity And Dual Use Research Encourages Latin American Dialog On Area Of Policy ConcernEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 4Brazil: U/s Machado On Gob's Climate Position Going Into Copenhagen - A Positive ForceEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 3Brazil On The Way Forward In Afghanistan And PakistanEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 3Brazil's National Broadband PlanEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 2Peres And Abbas Visits In PerspectiveEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 2Brazil: Opic Letters On Hydroelectric Projects Delivered To Environment MinisterEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 1Brazil: U.s. Candidacy For Who Executive BoardEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 1Brazil: Scene Setter, Ustr/mre Bcm December 9Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 1Brazil: Assurances Received For Export Of Heu Samples To Brazil For ExerciseEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 1Brazil: Blackout -causes And ImplicationsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Dec 1Brazil: Blackout -causes And ImplicationsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Nov 30Brazil: Latest On Climate Change Offer And Pre-copenhagen PositioningEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Nov 27Brazil On Iran At Iaea: Not Supportive Of P5+1 Tabling Resolution At This TimeEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Nov 27Nuclear Fuel Banks - Brazil Thinks The Idea Is Premature For Decision, But Most Likely Will AbstainEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Nov 25(s/nf) Brazil's Involvement In Conflict Between Colombia And Venezuela (c-al9-02389)Embassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2009, Nov 25Ahmadinejad Visit Readout: A Well-scripted AffairEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
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