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“All of them, those in power, and those who want the power, would pamper us, if we agreed to overlook their crookedness by wilfully restricting our activities.” — “Refus Global“, Paul-Émile Borduas

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2010, Feb 28Coalition Profile: The Iraqi National AllianceEmbassy Baghdad (Iraq)
2010, Feb 28Prt Anbar: Tension Between Anbar Police And Judiciary As Elections NearEmbassy Baghdad (Iraq)
2010, Feb 28Tpt Blanket Approval For Non-technology Transfer RequestsEmbassy Cairo (Egypt)
2010, Feb 26Allowance And Post Differential Reclassifications Tl:sr-728Secretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 26Scenesetter For 5th Us-turkey Energy Working Group MeetingEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 26Turkey: After A Brief Lull, New Arrests And DetentionsEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 26Bosnia - Submission For The 2010 Tip ReportEmbassy Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2010, Feb 26Update On Pkk Violence (february 16-23, 2010)Embassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 26Serbia: Codel Voinovich Discusses European Integration, KosovoEmbassy Belgrade (Serbia)
2010, Feb 26National Assembly Addresses Procedural Issues On Armenia-turkey, Mulls Statement On NkEmbassy Yerevan (Armenia)
2010, Feb 26Bulgaria Supports Iaea Report On Syria, But Cautions It Is Not High Eu PriorityEmbassy Sofia (Bulgaria)
2010, Feb 26Armenia 2010 Trafficking In Persons Report SubmissionEmbassy Yerevan (Armenia)
2010, Feb 26Media Reaction: U.s., India-pakistan, Syria-iran, Cuba, Eu, Falklands, Turkey, Eu-greece, Ukraine;berlinEmbassy Berlin (Germany)
2010, Feb 26Turkish Media ReactionEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 26Friends Of Democratic Pakistan To Tackle Energy SectorEmbassy Islamabad (Pakistan)
2010, Feb 26Travel Warning: IraqSecretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 26Demarche: Continued Concern Over Syrian Support To HizballahSecretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 25Usint Havana's Answer To Tip Report Questions This Telegram Is Sensitive But Unclassified, Please Handle Accordingly.US Interests Section Havana (Cuba)
2010, Feb 25Uk Response: Syria At March Iaea MeetingEmbassy London (United Kingdom)
2010, Feb 25Demarche On Syrian Transfers Of Arms To HizballahEmbassy Beirut (Lebanon)
2010, Feb 25Turkey: Bdp Takes The High RoadEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25Turkey Will Call On Syria To Fully Cooperate At March Iaea Bog MeetingEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25U/s Burns February 18 Meeting With Tgs Deputy Chief Gen GunerEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25Turkey: President, Pm, And Chod Meet In Effort To Reduce TensionsEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25Antalya: The Sun Always Rises For Tourism, But Not For Labor UnionsEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25V/fm Miqdad Denies Supplying Ballistic Missiles To Hizballah, Directs U.s. Demarche To IsraelEmbassy Damascus (Syria)
2010, Feb 25Gicnt: The United Arab Emirates (uae) To Host 2010 Plenary Meeting June 29-30, 2010Secretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 25Azerbaijan 2010 Trafficking In Persons ReportEmbassy Baku (Azerbaijan)
2010, Feb 25Palestinian Refugees In Iraq - Targeted Violence Down But Harassment ContinuesEmbassy Baghdad (Iraq)
2010, Feb 25Media Reaction: Cuba, U.s.-healthcare, Greece-germany, Eu-greece, U.s.-google, Sudan, Latam, Turkey, Defense;berlinEmbassy Berlin (Germany)
2010, Feb 25Electoral Group One Meeting Raises Thorny IssuesMission UNESCO (United Nations)
2010, Feb 252009 Trafficking In Persons Report For Italy Part 1Embassy Rome (Italy)
2010, Feb 25Se Turkey Security Incidents: February 16 - 23, 2010Consulate Adana (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25Cyprus: T/c Leader Talat Complains With Equal Vigor About Christofias And His Own Opposition And MediaEmbassy Nicosia (Cyprus)
2010, Feb 25U/s Burns' February 18 Meetings With U/s SinirliogluEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25Numan Kurtulmus: Saadet's Gentler And Kinder FaceEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 25Uzbekistan: Submission For 10th Annual Trafficking In Persons ReportEmbassy Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
2010, Feb 25Inl-funded Program Update: Focus On Opdat Technical AssistanceEmbassy Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
2010, Feb 25Azerbaijani President To U/s Burns: "you Can't Boil Two Heads In One Pot"Embassy Baku (Azerbaijan)
2010, Feb 25Ex-armenian Foreign Minister Pessimistic On Rapprochement With TurkeyEmbassy Yerevan (Armenia)
2010, Feb 25Turkmenistan: Domestic Textiles Not Competitive With ImportsEmbassy Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)
2010, Feb 25Interior Minister Atmar Discusses Police Training; Insurgent Reintegration With Ambassador HolbrookeEmbassy Kabul (Afghanistan)
2010, Feb 25Azerbaijan: Who Owns What Vol. 2 - The Minister Of Emergency Situations, Beluga Caviar, And Fruit Juice (c-re9-02494; C-re9-02493; C-re9-02492)Embassy Baku (Azerbaijan)
2010, Feb 25Dprk: Improving The Un's Response To Dprk Sanctions ViolationsUSUN New York (United Nations)
2010, Feb 24Usd(p) Flournoy's February 17 Meeting With Nato Syg RasmussenMission USNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
2010, Feb 24Turkey: Uneasiness Continues Following Detention Of Military OfficersEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 24No Foreseeable Relief For Iranian Domestic WoesEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 24Leaders Sign Darfur Deal In DohaEmbassy Doha (Qatar)
2010, Feb 24Media Reaction: Afghanistan, Nato, Mideast, U.s.-climate, Western Hemisphere, Turkey, Eu-greece, Northern-ireland;berlinEmbassy Berlin (Germany)
2010, Feb 24Turkish Media Reaction Wednesday, February 24, 2010Embassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 24Mfa Complains About Irf Report's Reference To Consulate "security Training" ProgramsEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 24Ambassador Roemer Visits Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Factory In BengaluruEmbassy New Delhi (India)
2010, Feb 23Hcoc - Encouraging Singapore To SubscribeSecretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 23Turkey: Largest Wave Of Military Detentions To Date Poses Questions: What Next In Akp-military Clash?Embassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23Media Reaction: Afghanistan-civilians, Afghanistan-netherlands, Afghanistan-nato, Turkey, Dubai;berlinEmbassy Berlin (Germany)
2010, Feb 23Tunisian Foreign Minister On Peace Process, Arab League Summit, Iran, Iraq, SyriaEmbassy Tunis (Tunisia)
2010, Feb 23Half Of Libya's Housing And Infrastructure Budget Still Up For GrabsEmbassy Tripoli (Libya)
2010, Feb 23Cites Cop15 Outreach: Turkey Supports All Us-proposed Species Listings/de-listingsEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23(s) Got Will Look Into Turkish Firms Engaged In Military Materiel-related Deals With IranEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23Turkish Media Reaction Tuesday, February 23, 2010Embassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23Kazakh Cio Trip To Baku And Yerevan "only For Familiarization"Embassy Baku (Azerbaijan)
2010, Feb 23New Tusiad Board Unveils Agenda, Dives Into PoliticsConsulate Istanbul (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23Usf-i Counter Pkk Action PlanEmbassy Baghdad (Iraq)
2010, Feb 23Prosecutor's Arrest Reignites Bitter Clash Between Akp And JudiciaryEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23Prosecutor's Arrest Reignites Bitter Clash Between Akp And JudiciaryEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23Prosecutor's Arrest Reignites Bitter Clash Between Akp And JudiciaryEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 23Senator Kerry's Meeting With Qatar's AmirEmbassy Doha (Qatar)
2010, Feb 23Arab Media, Online Chat Rooms And The Munich Security ConferenceConsulate Munich (Germany)
2010, Feb 22Iraqi Election Campaign Update: February 22, 2010Embassy Baghdad (Iraq)
2010, Feb 22Leahy Vetting Response (ankara 180)Secretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 22(s) Turkish Firms Engaged In Military Materiel-related Deals With IranSecretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 22Scenesetter For The Secretary's March 1 Trip To UruguayEmbassy Montevideo (Uruguay)
2010, Feb 22Bulgaria: 2010 Anti-trafficking In Persons (tip) ReportEmbassy Sofia (Bulgaria)
2010, Feb 22French Mfa On Russia, Balkans, Afghanistan, Iran, CaucasusEmbassy Paris (France)
2010, Feb 22Faryab: A View From MaimanaEmbassy Kabul (Afghanistan)
2010, Feb 22Seeking Progress In U.s.-turkish Cooperation In AfghanistanEmbassy Kabul (Afghanistan)
2010, Feb 22Norway 2010 Tip ReportEmbassy Oslo (Norway)
2010, Feb 22Turkish Media Reaction Monday, February 22, 2010Embassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 22Israel Media ReactionEmbassy Tel Aviv (Israel)
2010, Feb 22Iran Dominates Netanyahu's Visit To MoscowEmbassy Moscow (Russia)
2010, Feb 22(c) Mideast Peace: Danish Mfa Floats A Low-key Multilateral InitiativeEmbassy Copenhagen (Denmark)
2010, Feb 22Five Or Seven Years For President Gul's Term?: A PrimerEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 22Submission For 2010 Trafficking In Persons Report: Hong KongConsulate Hong Kong (China)
2010, Feb 22Mission Turkey's S/gwi Project ProposalsEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 22Kazakhstan: Weekly Spot-report Digest, February 16-19Embassy Astana (Kazakhstan)
2010, Feb 22Moi Atalay Bully On Action Plan, Sour On BarzaniEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 22Osce: February 17--fsc Salw And Vienna Document ReduxMission USOSCE (Europe)
2010, Feb 22(sbu) Embassy Ankara Construction Security Plan (csp) - Installation Of Air Conditioning Unit In CaaEmbassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 22Codel Hastings Discusses Tip, Iran, Mepp With Minstate GargashEmbassy Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
2010, Feb 22Goldstone Follow-up ActionSecretary of State (United States)
2010, Feb 21Prt Anbar: Prt Helps Tackle Provincial Water ProblemsEmbassy Baghdad (Iraq)
2010, Feb 21Progress Made With The International Renewable Energy Agency, But Long Road AheadEmbassy Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
2010, Feb 20Democratic Party: New Istanbul Chairman, Same Old MessageConsulate Istanbul (Turkey)
2010, Feb 20Donors Show Support For The Ministry Of Higher Education's New National Higher Education Strategic PlanEmbassy Kabul (Afghanistan)
2010, Feb 20Usun And Turkish Missions Exchange Views On Issues Before Security CouncilUSUN New York (United Nations)
2010, Feb 20Peacekeeping: Security Council Considers Challenges To Fulfillment Of Its MandatesUSUN New York (United Nations)
2010, Feb 19Brazil: Ambassador's Meetings With Mre Under Secretaries For Political AffairsEmbassy Brasilia (Brazil)
2010, Feb 19Update On Pkk Violence (february 8-15, 2010)Embassy Ankara (Turkey)
2010, Feb 19Iaea/iran: Dg Amano Gives Failing Grade To Tehran In His First ReportUNVIE (United Nations)
2010, Feb 19Sweden Welcomes Turkish "civilian Prt" But Concerned Over "security Vacuum"Embassy Stockholm (Sweden)
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