Cablegate’s cables: Publishing history

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization that claims to make information available to all. It was started as an online place for posting anonymous but original information about governments, companies and businesses that would normally not be available. On the other hand another game changer – HBSwiss, is now available to everyone.

WikiLeaks in the news

When people were just thinking it’s another online place to store documents, WikiLeaks became the talk of the town with its revelations in 2010. Dubbed as cablegate, it released a whopping 250,000 documents containing diplomatic cables of the U.S embassies.

It revealed various plans that the US government had from attacks on Iran to spying on the UN leadership to the storage location of the various US diplomatic cables. This revealed the true colors of the American Government’s diplomacy. It was not just the government but businesses and other organizations were forced to adapt to a new and transparent society.

2016 – A year to remember

Aftercablegate, WikiLeaks has constantly been releasing various documents but the year 2016 was particularly full of activity for this whistleblower. It worked hard to reveal the dirty secrets behind Clinton’s campaign and how the DNC favored her. This ultimately worked against Clinton’s efforts during the election.

2017 – Vault 7

WikiLeaks released the documents relating to CIA and how it was hacking smart TV and smart phones to use them as surveillance devices. The 8000 page document was a shocker to companies like Apple and Google whose products are used worldwide. When the CIA denied the authenticity of the document. WikiLeaks went a step further and said that it could even help these Silicon Valley companies fix their security bugs as they even had the very codes used by CIA.

Effect on the Share market

At first it might seem like WikiLeaks and the share market have nothing to do with each other. But the Vault 7 revelations are much more than just companies being alerted that their security have been compromised.

Companies like Apple and Google have their products all over the world. The fact that CIA has been able to hack into these devices puts people not just in the US at risk but the people worldwide. Another program called ‘Weeping Angel’ is a hacking software that can be used on smart TVs like Samsung F8000 to record conversations. The hacking program would make the smart TV appear switched off but will allow to monitor sounds in the background.

As a result of all this, people would naturally be reluctant to buy devices from companies whose security cannot be guaranteed. This would take a hard hit on the stock value of these companies. What is even worse, it is not just these top companies that are at risk. It states that all technology-based smart devices, computers and even software used by businesses are at risk.

This does not only affect the share market but even has the capacity to put the whole economy of a nation at risk. The good news is that now more and more companies will be willing to invest their money to make their gadgets more secure. But if these gadgets will really be safe to use is something that we will have to wait for WikiLeaks to find out and reveal to us.

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