Doctors From No-fire Zone Released On Bail

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¶1. (S) Four government doctors, held by the police
Criminal Investigation Division (CID) since the end
of the war in May for allegedly filing false reports on
civilian casualties in the No-Fire Zone during the last
several months of the war, were released on bail today. An
Embassy source met with them while still at the courthouse
awaiting completion of paperwork. The doctors said they
did not want assistance from the diplomatic community and
that in
fact one condition of their release was that they not speak
to the media or to anyone in the diplomatic community.
Their case with CID is still ongoing, and the next court
date is scheduled for November 9. They are required to
check in with CID once a month and said they wanted to keep
very quiet and lay low for now. (NOTE: One among the
four, Dr. Sothiyamoorthy, appeared to Post’s contact to be
the leader of the four, and did most of the speaking. The
other doctors were much more quiet and said little. END

¶2. (S) The doctors reported to Embassy contact that they
had been pressured to give the press conference held in
early July (reftel), where they recanted all the statements
they had made from the No-Fire Zone. They said they were
heavily coached for the press conference, given specific
lines to say, and even practiced with several members of
the local media beforehand. They said they were visited
and questioned several times by the Secretary of Defense
while in custody. Post’s contact reported that the doctors
discussed events from the No-Fire Zone with them only
briefly today, saying that they had not lied when giving
their original statements during the war.

¶3. (S) The doctors were reportedly happy to have
been released but very wary of attracting any attention and
nervous about being under very close scrutiny. While
sitting in the courthouse talking to Post’s contact, one
doctor received a call on his mobile phone reminding him
not to discuss certain topics. The doctors, still
technically working as government officials, plan to go to
the Ministry of Health tomorrow to inquire about where they
might be stationed next.

¶4. (S) One of the four doctors released today, Dr.
Varatharajah, actually is still in the hospital. He had
been detained there while undergoing surgery and treatment
for injuries to his hand. His release was granted today,
but he will remain in the hospital for several more days
for continued treatment. A fifth doctor, Dr. Sivaparlaan,
who appeared with the four doctors at the press conference,
is being held separately by the Terrorism Investigation
Division (TID) and was not releasedtoday. He was a private
doctor, and is thought to have been working directly for the

¶5. (S) Comment: The release of the four doctors is a
welcome step by the GSL, but clearly they remain under
investigation by the CID and now also are potentially under
threat of abduction or extrajudicial killing. Post will
continue to monitor the situation very closely, but for now
the doctors appear to want to maintain as low a profile as
possible, without undue attention brought to them either
in Sri Lanka or internationally. End Comment.