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Cable reference id: #09MADRID383
“All of them, those in power, and those who want the power, would pamper us, if we agreed to overlook their crookedness by wilfully restricting our activities.” — “Refus Global“, Paul-Émile Borduas

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Reference id aka Wikileaks id #202372  ? 
SubjectCodel Gregg's April 13 Meeting With Fm Moratinos
OriginEmbassy Madrid (Spain)
Cable timeWed, 15 Apr 2009 09:46 UTC
Referenced by09MADRID392, 09MADRID393
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Hide header C O N F I D E N T I A L MADRID 000383 SIPDIS E.O. 12958: DECL: 04/15/2019 TAGS: PREL [External Political Relations], PGOV [Internal Governmental Affairs], SP [Spain; Balearic Islands; Canary Islands; Mallorca], EU [Europa Island] SUBJECT: CODEL GREGG'S APRIL 13 MEETING WITH FM MORATINOS Classified By: Charge d'Affaires Arnold A. Chacon for reasons 1.4 (b) a nd (d). ¶1. (C) On April 13, Senator Judd Gregg, accompanied by the Charge d'Affaires and poloff, met with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos. Moratinos said he was pleased to receive the Senator and appreciated his efforts in engaging with Spanish counterparts and learning what Spain is trying to accomplish in these challenging times. Moratinos lamented that he would not be able to also meet with Senator Martinez, arriving in Spain April 14, as he will be traveling to Israel to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu ("with whom I have good relations") to discuss the new realities on the ground. ¶2. (C) Senator Gregg thanked Moratinos for Spain's commitment in Afghanistan. President Zapatero announced April 4 that Spain will contribute an additional 9 million euros to Afghan development, 4 million of which would be allotted for Afghan National Army training and 5 million to support the Afghan elections. Moratinos said that Spain will be "extremely committed in Afghanistan," primarily in training of Afghan forces and with economic reform. He shared that President Obama requested extra efforts from Spain during his April 5 meeting with President Zapatero in Prague and reported that after studying GOS capabilities, he (Moratinos) would report Spain's formal commitment to Secretary Clinton. Moratinos opined that President Obama's and President Zapatero's April 5 meeting "closed the vacuum" in Spain/U.S. relations and marked the beginning of a new productive relationship wherein we can share our concerns and efforts on issues such as Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, Latin America, and climate change. He added that Zapatero committed Spain to work with the United States in an intensified manner. ¶3. (C) Senator Gregg added that Spain's support for Turkey's EU accession was another important issue on which we agreed and inquired as to France and Germany's reluctance. Moratinos responded that France and Germany were indeed a problem, "but we will convince them," he added. He agreed with Senator Gregg that Turkey provides a unique opportunity - the inclusion and development of a moderate Islamic community which could potentially turn other Muslim countries in the right direction. ¶4. (C) Senator Gregg inquired as to Moratinos' planned trip to Israel. Moratinos agreed that jump-starting the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP) would not be easy, adding that an important concern is Iran's counterproductive behavior. "It is imperative to look at how to contain Iran while giving Iran responsibility in the region as well," he said. On this, he added, we must remain "united, clear, and firm." ¶5. (C) In post-meeting side conversation with MFA Director General Policy Director for North America and Europe Luis Felipe Fernandez de la Pena, Senator Gregg expressed his concern and dismay about reported Spanish judiciary desire to indict six former Bush administration officials for allegedly creating a legal framework that permitted torture. Fernandez de la Pena lamented this development, adding that judicial independence notwithstanding, the MFA disagreed with efforts to apply universal jurisdiction in such cases. ¶6. (U) Senator Gregg was unable to clear this cable prior to departure. CHACON



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