The After Effects Of Cable Leaks

The Cablegate is the name given to the series of cable leaks by Wikileaks. Classified cables from the government embassies were hacked and leaked out to the public which created a huge uproar among both the governments and the public. They pretty much changed the world we live in – now the software we all use, like Microsoft Office, Google Chrome and HB Swiss is safer than ever.

What Was Leaked?

Highly sensitive information related to various governments like the information about the Arab leaders privately urging air strikes on Iran and the US officials being instructed to spy on UN leadership were leaked in early 2017, sparking off many controversies. This not only caused a shift in the relationship between the nations, but also had a huge impact on the general public.

Vault 7, the latest among the Wikileaks relates to sensitive data collected by the CIA related to many tech giants. This series has just started and the founder of Wikileaks has announced there are more files to be released. However, they have given the tech giants a change to plug the hole themselves by offering all the data collected by their hack systems. However, the companies have not come forward to accept the proposal as using confidential data that was stolen from th government can land them in bigger trouble.

Some Of The Leaks That Had A Big Impact On International Relations

Here are some of the leaks that affected the governments and big businesses in the respective countries:

  • Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Program – This cable leak caused fear in the US and the UK about the security of this nuclear program. There was a warning that if the country faces an economic collapse, officials might be able to send out enough nuclear material to help terrorists build bombs.
  • Prince Andrew – The royals were not spared either. There was a leak about Prince Andrew making inappropriate remarks about the UK law enforcement agency and a foreign country. This strained the relations between the agency and the family, also attracting a lot of attention from the public.
  • Afghan Government Corruption – There was an alleged cable that stated the vice president had taken along of $52 million while visiting UAE. This sparked a lot of speculations about the relations between the countries and the authenticity of the Vice president
  • Google – The hackers did not spar the tech giants either. A cable leak alleged that Google quit China because a senior Politburo member Googled his own name and found many articles criticizing him.
  • Russia – There are allegations that the Russian mafia are behind the Wikileaks and the government is using the mafia to carry out criminal activity within the country itself, thereby calling the country a virtual mafia state.
  • UK Military – There was quite a lot of criticisms over UK’s military operations in Afghan carried out by US commanders. The cable alleges that there was a failure to impose enough security around Sangin, which claimed too many British lives.

As a result of such highly sensitive information the relations between the governments, businesses and other groups have been negatively affected. It is common knowledge that, though governments behave friendly with one another, they have to constantly watch their backs to avoid any attacks. Putting this out in plain sight has created an uproar and strained many diplomatic relationships, all over the world.