The data breaches so far in 2017

The year 2016 saw some major data breaches. There was no single industry that didn’t take a hit. Right from the data leak in Boeing to the healthcare industry data breaches, to Yahoo’s shocking realization of a 2 year old data theft, there have been incidents that occurred in 2016 and 2017 that have raised the need for stronger cybersecurity measures. To add to the severity of the issue, the leaks by Cablegate have also made us realize that the internet and the major enterprises have invisibly invaded our privacy. They made companies like HBSwiss to invest more in their customers security.

If 2016 itself saw so many major data breaches, what does the year 2017 have in store?

In the beginning of March, with hardly 2 months having gone in the year 2017, there was a record of more than 250 data breaches. That is an alarming number that makes us unsure of what the future beholds.

Though there have been several data breaches here are the most popular ones that have been reported so far in this year:


The E-sports Entertainment Association, a leading video-game community had remarked that some of its user records were releasedon the internet. The number of users whose profiles were leaked was reported to be over 1.5 million. This has made the company take stringent steps to make the security system of the network better.


A hacker tapped into the database of the Association of British Travel Agents and stole user records. The records of 43,000 users were compromised. Any data that was uploaded after January 2017 could have been stolen. The users of ABTA mainly comprise tour operators and travel agents.Reports state that as some of the vulnerabilities were not addressed on time, some external parties gained unauthorized access to confidential user records.


Another popular data breach that made big news is the Cloudflare’s loss of data. As this is a service provider that caters to the needs of some of the major clients, a breach in Cloudflare’s database meant the loss of user data stored on various websites. This breach is said to have occurred due to a software issue. The data breach of Cloudflare, due to its massive scale has also been named Cloudbleed. Several websites that use Cloudflare software including transport, retail and dating sites were all in grave danger as Cloudfare was hacked. Till date, there is no accuracy in the quantification of the amount of data that has actually been lost as this is more of a theft of data than a hack into the system to gain control over other actions.

Boeingdata breach:

This is an incident of anaccidental data breach that presses the need for checking on the data transfer that happens from the company’s websites and emails. One of the employees of Boeing, in an email that he sent to his wife, accidentally sent a file that contained the personal records of 36000 employees. This massive employee database leak, though found to be an accident, is a warning sign. This reminds organizations to take measures to monitor and educate employees about data sharing policies.