Sharing Information Online – A Boon Or A Bane?

Gone are the days when one has to write a letter, post it and wait for days for it to reach its destination. Be it letters, your HB Swiss trading data or even photos, they can be shared across the world within a matter of seconds, due to the internet.

Almost everyone uses internet these days. One does not need a computer to use it, there are smart phones in everyone’s hands and information travels faster than ever, in such a technologically advanced world, are all the information shared by you safe online? Are you sure it reaches only the people you intended it for and the rest of the world has no idea about it?

Are You Safe Online?

When you share information online, be it on a secured server or a social network site, you are not entirely safe. One can never gauge when the network can be hacked and when your data could be leaked.

If you are just another person existing in this world, your data may not be of much use to the hackers. However, if you are into a big business or have big investments, the hackers stand to gain by using your information.

What To Share And What Not To

Private Network

When you are on an official website where you have to give the details asked for, you are going to fill in the required fields. Hence there is not much to be done here as you need to fill in the details asked for.

However, you can ensure if it is your bank website or authentic vendor who is asking for those details. Get in touch with your bank and other institutions and find out what are the details they ask for and if it is safe to divulge them online. Share such sensitive data only after confirming.

Social Media

On the other hand, if you are on a social media, here is how you can ensure you and your data are safe:

Never divulge personal details such as where you live, who lives with you, etc. Your friends and family who needs to know such details can get them from you directly. There is no need to post it online for the entire world to see

Never post sensitive photos online, no matter what the network claims in terms of security. No network is safe from being hacked. Wikileaks’ Cablegate is a perfect example in this scenario. Hence share only those photos that will not affect you, were it to reach the public

Never trust people you meet online and share more than what is needed. You never know who you are communicating with. Hence there are a lot of chances of your data falling into the wrong hands. Hence it is always better to keep your distance with virtual strangers as well

Sharing Information Online – Is It A Boon?

When it comes to information that needs to be shared quickly, the internet is a big boon. You need not wait for the mail man to collect your letter, send it via air mail and finally reach its destination. Information can be shared instantly.

However, when it comes to sensitive business data such as your financial investment portfolio, important official documents, photos, etc, sharing them online, though can save you a lot of time, can be a bane as it can be a security threat for you.

Sharing information online has both the good and the bad. How it impacts you, depends on how careful you are online with the information you share.