How Has The Various Governments Reacted To Wikileaks?

Which is that one organisation that has been rocking the world of investigation in different spheres such as business, finance, HBSwiss trading, politics, and more for years now? It’s none other than the 11 years old non-profit media group named WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks – an overview:

Founded by the Australian internet activist, Julian Assange in 2006, WikiLeaksis a famous online library (or call it hub) of undisclosed government data and documents, confidential media, and news leaks. These leaks are also termed as cablegate. All these information have been gathered through anonymous links including military officers, journalists, and even government employees. The agenda behind their functioning is to provide whistleblowers an opportunity to expose unseen and unknown facts about several governments and organizations worldwide.

Any random person can submit evidence and information for cablegate. The company owns a small group of people that indulges in fact checking and scrutinizes every document submitted. The information is made public only once this team is sure of its authenticity. It acts as a middleman between the information and the public. Till date, no information leaked by WikiLeaks is proven to be untrue or hoaxed.

Is the functioning of WikiLeaks legal?

Stealing away information regarding any organisation is never ethical; however this organisation gets cover for doing so with the help of Freedom of Press protections approved by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. They can now publish data on anyone without their consent or knowledge to apprise the public about the company’s doings and hidden blunders.

WikiLeaks grabbed major attention in 2010 after it revealed several diplomatic cables, which are considered as confidential government documents utilised by the U.S. State Department. Since then, thisbold organisation has engrossed itself inmany controversies with leaders, news organizations, businessmen, politicians, and governments worldwide as the information published by them has tarnished their image and international relations quite adversely.

Cablegate and Government reactions:

The information shared by WikiLeaks have disclosed how different world leaders keep negative opinions on peace, how US has been planning an attack on Iran via frequent calls, and how the US agencies are spying on other countries and their governments. The US government has never appreciated and acknowledged the cablegate process for obvious reasons. Their bureaucrats and politicians have publically commented that the revealing of confidential data by this organisation is a major threat to the US policies as well as their relations with other countries. They believe that such leaks not only pose a threat to their diplomats and politicians, but will also affect the unity and development of the state. The most significant reaction or concern they shared post the revealing of documents was that countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan will now deny backing them in countering terrorism against the U.S.

The U.A.E has also been on the same note as U.S. It found these leaks to be extremely destructive and expressed that severe damage to diplomatic activities is happening because of these disclosures. The agenda of ignoring a war-like situation anddefending lives of their people is going at stake. Harm to the US bilateral relations will also be affected in due course.

The New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Canadian ministers have also criticised the intentions of cablegate and considered it a great threat to world peace and national security. These information and comments have been gathered from here, the online Al Jazeera podium.

WikiLeaks works on their basic principle- “We open governments.” The latest act of this organisation in revealing secret documents was when they disclosed email conversations between the Democratic National Committee and the Presidential campaign manager of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta. This leak has been considered as one of the most important factors behind Hilary Clinton losing out in the elections and Donald Trump coming into power.

Despite of all the criticism, WikiLeaks continues to get various awards and recognitions. Every cablegate admirer is thrilled to find out what next it has in store to expose. Let’s see who their subsequent target is in the upcoming disclosures and how the government reacts to it.