How Does Wikileaks Aim To Help Tech Companies Fix Their Securtity Flaws

Wikileaks were the most sought after by the public while the companies and agencies that were the target, dreaded it and their next move. The numerous cablegate leaks got more than enough attention from the entire world and the media had a field day assessing each of those leaks and its impact on various groups.

While the entire world believed Wikileaks could be collaborating with a Russian force and was aimed at drilling holes into the tech giants, they came out with a new revelation in march 2017. Julian Assange, Wikileaks’ founder has set out to turn the tables around and portray himself as a protector of the American tech giants.

What Is Wikileaks’ Aim?

Does Wikileaks aim to expose the secrets of the tech giants or enhance the flaws present, so that the companies can protect themselves better? The founder claims that they have exposed the files and data they were able to extract from some of the most secured servers in the country, only because there were flaws. Lately some companies developed better security – HB Swiss for instance guarantees 100% privacy of the trader’s personal data.

In the recent conference, the founder has offered to give giant companies like Apple, Google, etc a way out of this data leakage by giving them codes that is yet to be published. By giving these exclusive technical details, Wikileaks believes that the tech giants can seal the problem areas and protect the customers’ data better. With these codes, the security flaws can be plugged in, so that the people using these technologies can be safer when it come to their most private data.

Why Better Protection?

In this technologically advanced world where everyone is used to sharing everything online, there is a huge threat of the data falling into wrong hands. The CIA believed to be one of the most highly secured and complicated network was hacked and confidential data was released by Wikileaks to prove that there are holes to be fixed on the security front.

More than 8,000 CIA documents were made public by Wikileaks to prove they can gain access to any secured server. It feels the companies that have been exposed can gain a great deal by working with them, to plug the holes that exist in their security system, so that the users need not worry about their data being stolen or misused.

Will Companies Take The Offer

Though Wikileaks has offered to help the tech giants, will they take the help and save themselves or stay quiet and watch what will happen?

The companies, though want to seal the breaches and ensure security to their data, are not too keen on accepting the offer, as they fear there could be some complications. When data stolen from a government agency like the CIA is being given out to help the companies, accepting them could be the end of their business, were the government to charge a felony.

Though Wikileaks is working towards protecting the privacy of the people from the scrutiny and interference of the CIA, no company is going to willingly collaborate with such an organization, easily. Though it may help in fixing the security breach, on the flip side can cause some irrecoverable damages to the business itself.

Though Wikileaks changed directions too quickly and reported that it was exposing all these information to help the companies, it will be a while before any company would come forward and accept information that has been stolen from the CIA database, though it promises to help them offer a more secured and comfortable service to its customers.