The Four Biggest Trends In Cyber Crime

No more do you find criminals only in the streets, now they have invaded the cyber space too. The increasing number of cybercrimes is proof to this.Hackers are no more just a bunch of nerds who want to prove their smartness to the world by hacking software and computers.

From WikiLeaks’ Cablegate dump that released 250,000 US government documents to the Cyber attack on Tesco costing them 3 million dollars, cybercrimes have become a real threat to our society. Millions of dollars are not longer a dream for many since then as the HBSwiss is now available.

With new innovations come new risks and crimes. But by educating ourselves about them and working in a pro-active manner, we can protect ourselves from these cybercrimes. Here are the top four biggest trends in Cybercrime.

IoT attack

IoT or Internet of Things refers to all devices that are connected to the internet. This could be anything from your smart devices to your computers to even any home appliance that can be remotely controlled. With the increase in number of IoT devices, cybercriminals can easily gain access even into your homes by creating malware to hack your security system.


Ransomware are malicious software that can block your computer or lock your files. The program then promises to unlock or unblock on paying a specific amount of money as ransom. The ransom is not paid through regular online payments or cash but through cybercurrency called Bitcoins. The reason bitcoins are used by cybercriminals is because their identity cannot be traced through Bitcoins.

While ransomware such as CrptoWall and Crypto Locker are already popular, more new strains are expected to be added this year. More than individuals, these ransomware attacks are targeted at businesses by gaining access through web servers. There is a lot of money involved in these scams and already millions of dollars have been lost by businesses and individuals to the cybercriminals.

Spear Phishing

A new and advanced form of Phishing has entered the cybercrime scene. Phishing only involved malicious e-mails which were made to look like they were sent by a trustworthy source like your bank or other service providers. This was used to obtain sensitive information like passwords from you.

But spear phishing is difficult to immediately identify as it uses known facts about you to trick you into thinking your friend has sent the e-mail to you. The cybercriminals do a detailed research of the victim by looking for information online. Most of the information is easily available from social networks. Even businesses are attacked this way to obtain confidential information.

Crypto currency

We are familiar with paying online through payment gateways, but this is only a digital form of the real currency. But crypto currency is different in that it is an alternate form of currency that is used by cybercriminals. This form of currency is not issued by banks and hence cannot be traced.

Bitcoins and altcoins are the different names given to this form of currency. With bitcoins, you are able to view the transactions but not know the owner of the transaction. In fact, with bitcoins, one can have multiple accounts. So this gives cybercriminals an anonymous way to collect ransom from their cyber victims.