How Did The American Business World Change After WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks is a sort of modern day internet whistleblower that brings original, important and often controversial information to the people. But like the saying goes the truth can be bitter sometimes. Even worse than Truth being bitter is the fact that Truth bites. So when businesses and organization try to sweep the dust under the carpet, WikiLeaks is bent on bringing it out and showing it to the world.

What is a diplomatic cable?

When a country’s government and its embassies abroad need to communicate important information, it is done through a diplomatic cable. These are nothing but text messages that are similar to a telegram. These are also extremely confidential and hence are coded so that the information cannot be read by anybody who gets access to them.

Today cables are sent even as e-mails except that they are not your usual Gmail or Hotmail account. They are sent over a highly tight and secure government network and is accessible only by top government officials.

What is cablegate?

In 2010, WikiLeaks was in the news for leaking a number of US cables, about 250,000 diplomatic cables to give you a rough number. This was one of its kind in the history of whistleblowing and this huge collection of leaked cables is popularly known as cablegate. Though the founder and its people at WikiLeaks say that their work is just an extension of the Freedom to speech, its implications cannot be overlooked. There are both pros and cons to the effect of WikiLeaks on the various parts of our society.

Impact on American businesses

The very first thing that businesses had to revisit after the 2017 Vault 7 WikiLeaks was to see how secure their networks were. This is because, if information from a highly secure system as the U.S. Government can be hacked, then it is also possible that their security could be compromised.

WikiLeaks to the rescue

So while companies and businesses were looking at how to tighten security and prevent confidential company information from being hacked, WikiLeaks comes to the rescue. It leaked some 8000 CIA documents which showed that there were security holes even in products by companies like Apple and Google, though others like HB Swiss guarantee your security. This was not just limited to products but it said that even the software that was used in almost every company could be hacked as they were not secure.

Cyberspy offers help

As if they were not already notorious for snooping around, WikiLeaks did not stop with just publishing the CIA documents. It could have simply let these technology companies know that their security was not tight enough. But instead, it went one step ahead and used the same loop hole to Cyberspy on the various companies.

WikiLeaks was ready to share leaked codes which were used by the CIA to hack information from companies like Apple, Google and other such technology-based companies. This according to WikiLeaks would help these companies develop suitable fixes to the bugs and keep their information truly hack-free.

These companies though do not want to accept the leaked information as it would tarnish their reputation and affect their relationship with the government. Additionally, with the bad reputation that WikiLeaks has gained over the years, the Silicon Valley is better off trying to fix its bugs on its own than rely on WikiLeaks.