The United States of America was the focus of global attention on 28th November, 2010, due to Cablegate. The effects of Cablegate reached far and wide and it was something completely unexpected. The affair also reflected on the global market which can be used by advanced HBSwiss traders.

What is Cablegate?

Cablegate refers to the leaking of United States diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks. A diplomatic cable is a text message that is exchanged between a diplomatic mission and the foreign ministry of the parent country.

This message is confidential and it could be sent by an embassy or consulate. It is always encrypted as it contains sensitive information and it is essential to keep it safe from other governments and the public.

About WikiLeaks:

WikiLeaks was the organization behind Cablegateand it claims to be an international non-profit organisation. It believes in making the public aware about important news and information by publishing secret, classified information and news leaks.

All this information is obtained when anonymous sourcessubmit them. Journalists and whistle-blowers may get targeted or prosecuted for procuring such sensitive and classified data. WikiLeaks ensures that such people are protected.

How Cablegate happened:

On 28th November, 2010, WikiLeaks started releasing classified cableswhich came to be known as Cablegate. This sensitive information was exchanged between the U.S State Department and 274 of its diplomatic missions around the world such as embassies and consulates.

The cables contained an assessment of the host country and its officials by the diplomats as well as diplomatic analysis by various world leaders. These cables were dated between a vast period of December 1966 to February 2010.

Julian Assange is the editor in chief of WikiLeaks and he usually represents it in public.

The first document that WikiLeaks released on 18th February, 2010, was called the Reykjavik 13 cable. One month later they released the profiles of politicians from Iceland by the State Department.

Later in 2010, Assange and his media partners in Europe and United States reached an agreement. He agreed to publish the rest of the cables without the names of sources and people in unsafe positions.

Under this agreement, 220 cables were published by El Pais, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, The New York Times and Le Monde in Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and France respectively.2017 cables were released by 11 January, 2011.

In September 2011, there were a few events that risked the security of a WikiLeaks files which contained the cables. Hence on 1st September 2011, WikiLeaks published the unedited version of all the 2,51,287 documents.

In 2010, WikiLeaks had published some U.S classified documents which were related to the Afghan war and the Iraq war. The publishing of these documents in 2010 had mixed reactions. While journalists and the public were very interested, there were many governments especially in the West which did not approve of this move.

Publishing the unedited documents in September 2011 drew even more backlash. Even the five newspapers that published the edited documents in November 2010 condemned the publishing.

There is no denying the fact that since the United States of America is a global superpower, documents pertaining to them will generate curiosity worldwide. Their significance and scope would be global.

While WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have their share of supporters there are many others who believe that he is a criminal. Only time will reveal the truth.